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Too Busy To Podcast

Sep 29, 2022

How do I increase my downloads?  The number one question I’m asked or I see posted in Facebook groups on the daily; right after - how do I start a podcast?  As a podcaster, it's natural to want your podcast to be a success. After all, you've put a lot of time and effort and probably money too, into creating it! But...

Sep 22, 2022

So you've been doing this podcasting thing for a while and you're loving it! 

But you're probably wondering how you can take your show to the next level. 

Well, you're in the right place!

Season 3 will provide you with the tips and strategies you need to increase your listenership through email marketing, social...

Aug 25, 2022

Season 2 has been so much fun!  Thank you so much for supporting the show and I hope you've taken away lots of gems and value.

In this episode, I recap on some of the topics we covered in this season and what you can look forward to in Season 3 (coming 29 September 2022).

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Aug 18, 2022

Are you ready to take your podcasting game to the next level? Or maybe you’re just getting started and you don’t know where to start with creating a show that will help you convert your listeners into clients (no sales calls required).  Many podcasters start out with high energy and great intentions but soon run out...

Aug 11, 2022

With so many moving pieces involved with my podcast, I rely on Trello heavily to keep me organised and on track. 

In this episode, I'm giving you a behind-the-scenes peek at my Trello setup so you can create the same or similar for your own show.

Tune in to this episode to learn: 

  • What is Trello
  • A walkthrough of the...