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Too Busy To Podcast

Jun 23, 2022

''You don't need a website to be successful'' some might say.  And they may be right.  Not having a website has worked for many in the online space. 

But maybe you're like me and you see the benefits of having a website, especially as a podcaster.  And as our guest this week, Vibeke Foss says, 'a website should be the start of a conversation' - so why would you not have one. 

Vibeke is a web designer who builds WordPress websites for service businesses, coaches and consultants. She loves taking care of the technical part, but she also gives guidance on content and strategy. A big part of her website projects is to help her clients understand how to communicate on their website in a way that their ideal client visitors go "yes, I've come to the right place!". 

She also make sure that any website she builds has a natural user flow, and clearly reflects the vibe of the business and the services that are offered.

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • The three steps to creating a website that connects with your visitors
  • How the use of video/audio on your podcast page can influence your visitors' buying decisions 
  • Ways you can engage your website visitors so they take the next step i.e. booking a call with you 

Quote - ‘‘Don't worry about things not being perfect. It will change all the time. It's growing with you as a business, as you're learning as a person and as your clients develop as well.’’

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