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The Podcast To Amplify Show

Jan 26, 2023

As an online business owner, chances are you've thought about (or have already taken the plunge) into the world of podcasting. And there’s no doubt podcasting can be an incredibly effective way to expand your reach and build connections with potential clients or peers - so why not set yourself up for success from the beginning? With this solid advice, you can make sure that when it comes to pitching podcasts, you'll be well ahead of the curve! Tune in to find out what the key elements are in order to maximise your potential for success.

Tune in to this episode as I chat with Christina Lenkowski, a forward-thinking podcast publicist and educator for entrepreneurs, speakers and authors looking to expand their credibility and go from “best-kept secret” to “go-to expert” in their industries through being a guest on other people’s podcasts.  In 2019, after 13 years working in the PR realm, Christina discovered what being a guest on podcasts did for her online-based business - since then she’s dedicated her work to helping other business owners, particularly women, see the same kind of results.  Christina lives in Boise, Idaho, USA, with her husband and daughter.


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