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Too Busy To Podcast

Dec 8, 2022

It's that time of year when we as business owners review the past year and plan for the next.  In episode 70, I shared with you how I'm prepping my podcast for 2023 and I thought this episode with Sarah would be a great addition! 

Sarah Joyce Hindle is a Business & Mindset coach for entrepreneurs who know they are meant for more.  She is hosting a brand-spanking-new container for entrepreneurs, starting in Jan 2023, a 6 month transformative space for enthusiastic, big-dreamer creatives who want to grow and develop their business, their way.  This is a nourishing cocoon where you can safely explore the depths of who you are and how you think, feel and work.  If you are tired of the ‘cookie-cutter culture’ and want to break the mould - “The Difference” cocoon is for you.

Sarah is offering this at 50% off for the January start and payment plans are available!
You can find more out and book here: 
Make 2023 your year, embrace your difference, be different and grow your own way! 💜

Tune in to learn: 

  • What you should consider when goal setting 
  • How you can bring joy to your life and business 
  • The importance of setting daily intentions to keep moving forward 

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3 step process for levelling up this year 

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