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Too Busy To Podcast

Oct 27, 2021

In this special series of the podcast, I'll be speaking with 13 female podcasters at different stages of their podcasting journey. We'll chat about the lessons they've learnt, the challenges they've overcome and what advice they would give to aspiring podcasters. These women are so inspiring - and I have no doubt that after you’ve listened to their stories, you’ll feel empowered to start your own. 

Joining me in this episode of the Spotlight Series of the podcast is D Carrie.

D is the host of the Travel N Sh!t podcast. Travel conversations don’t have to just be about the destination. Every Thursday, your host dCarrie and the occasional guest have a nuanced conversation about the intersection of travel and basic life shIt - because travel is more than a vacation.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • D’s travel experiences (of course!)
  • D’s experience of a podcast network and her advice for anyone considering joining one
  • Why D asks her guests to sign a contract before appearing on her podcast
  • Why it’s okay not to have a deep why for starting your podcast

Resources mentioned in the episode

Michelle is Money Hungry podcast

Black Women Travl Podcast


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