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Too Busy To Podcast

Oct 20, 2021

In this special series of the podcast, I'll be speaking with 13 female podcasters at different stages of their podcasting journey. We'll chat about the lessons they've learnt, the challenges they've overcome and what advice they would give to aspiring podcasters. These women are so inspiring - and I have no doubt that after you’ve listened to their stories, you’ll feel empowered to start your own. 

Joining me in this episode of the Spotlight Series of the podcast is Lucy Orton. 

Lucy Orton is a certified positive psychology coach, podcaster and expert on self-sabotage. Her popular weekly podcast 'Self-Sabotage To Success' is in the top 5% of podcasts globally and has reached no.7 in the UK Apple Entrepreneurship charts. 

Lucy empowers her listeners and clients to step away from mindset gremlins and a critical inner voice and into their rightful space in the world. Lucy also works with creative teams and organisations to help them retain, support and empower their female talent and is particularly passionate about championing women so they are able to completely shift how they see themselves, creating huge and lasting impact for themselves and others. 

In this episode, we discuss: 

  • How podcasting allows Lucy to tap into one of her strengths: creativity
  • How over the last year, her passion for podcasting has increased rather than waned
  • How the podcast has helped her grow her LinkedIn connections
  • How batching helps Lucy to manage her podcast more efficiently 

Resources mentioned in the episode: 

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Setting Yourself Up For Success With Batching episode

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