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Too Busy To Podcast

Oct 5, 2021

In this special series of the podcast, I'll be speaking with 13 female podcasters at different stages of their podcasting journey. We'll chat about the lessons they've learnt, the challenges they've overcome and what advice they would give to aspiring podcasters. These women are so inspiring - and I have no doubt that after you’ve listened to their stories, you’ll feel empowered to start your own.

Joining me in this episode of the Spotlight Series of the podcast is Ricklyn Woods.  Ricklyn is a Certified Human Resources Professional with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with a concentration in Coaching and Consulting. She also holds a Certificate of Personal Development Coaching from The CaPP Institute. 

In 2020, during the middle of a global pandemic, Ricklyn walked away from a 6-figure salary and 6-minute commute to pursue her passion. She is now a Career Coach and Podcast Host, helping HR professionals see their significance and articulate their awesomeness, so they can confidently and courageously pursue the job they desire and the salary they deserve. She also serves as a Career Advisor at her alma mater, the University of Phoenix.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • How working with a Podcast Manager from the start has helped her 
  • The skills that make for a great podcast host 
  • How Ricklyn leveraged her existing LinkedIn network to reach 10,000 downloads in six months 
  • What you should consider when selecting guests for your show 
  • The importance of being flexible and adapting to change

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